About Klemperer

______Otto KLEMPERER is the most outrageous conductor of the 20th century.

______Given a birth in Breslau(Germany of the time) 1885, he brushed up his talent through the years in the Orchestral Institute of Frankfurt & Schuterun Music School, Berlin.
______He conducted his very first performance on stage in 1906, and was promoted by Mahler for a conductor of German Orchestra in the year after.
______1927, when the time was at peak of 2nd world war, he was namely known as a chief director incharge of Kroll Oper(Berlin), and he had worked for Stravinsky, the latest music composer of the time.

______1933, as the facist movement came into act, Klemperer suffered period of fatal descrimination, and struggled his way through to settle himself in America. By 1940 a physical disfunction in his arms and legs caused by a brain injury became apparent, and he was no longer able to wave his stick for years.

______He returned to Europe as the war was over. In 1951 he was offered an invitation as a guest member of honour by Philharmonia Orchestra London, and his performance in conjoint with the orchestra was made credit for.
______The memorable tune of first joint recording with the orchestra in 1954 was "Jupiter" Mozart. There we can see how his mean performance was based on classical Roman recordings, and urbangledic scheme had toned down.
______By this time of his bibliography, he had burnt himself allover from his habit to smoke in bed. Broken bones from rolling down the terop of aircraft had also made him in no shape for "rational" conducting.

______Retired 1972, passed away the following year.

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