Klemperer's Performance

______Klemperer had a tendency to avoid having fancy outlook as he performed on stage. There was no sign of a human warmth.

______His touch was cold, and his comparatively high pitched tempo of his youthly ways of conducting had an effect of making his performance appeare even more planer.

______Later on his life,Klemperer faces physical disabilities. As he became lessabled to move his arms,his conducting became characterised by swinging of his bare right hand and his left hand twitching beside it as if to support the right hand. It was never a technique for an exact performance, but his stoick atmosphere and character made his performance deep and revealing as his disabilities have had an effect to pace him down just the right proportion. This is probably the reason why his performance was most favoured after.
______1960's. This characteristic is most apparent in pieces serving religeous purposes like "Matthew" Bach or "Messiah" Handel.

______What's more, in the performing of swifty pieces of symphony such as scherzo or rondo, where rather a dull tempo is emphesised, his performance could turn out quite offensive to some people, but as a matter of fact this aggression is actually the mellow of Klemperer ways of conducting, and where his uniqueness really begins to flow.
______Mahler's symphony No.7 -where the rondo is located in the final movement-I see it as the most greatest master piece among the Mahler's symphony when performed by Klemperer.

______However, the decline in the tempo of his performance did not lead to soften nor charm up the tune, but the cold bloodedness remained as it was. The preference would varie though, in the way how his flow of energy is cleverly consealed, and does it never unfolds.
______Vague lines of virtuality can not be expected of him ever so often. Sad huh?

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